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Friday, April 15, 2011

Video Capture And Editing

If you are like most of us, you have either a video camera that you've taken miles of footage with. How then do you get that footage from your camera to your Linux based computer? Even more so, how then do you edit and compose that footage to get you a great movie at the end? There are many Linux based programs that can do this but I have picked two of my favorites that I use very often.

To get the video from the camera to my computer, I use Kino which you can read about HERE.
The program is simple and easy to use and has some basic editing features that can make this your one and only program for video capture (getting it off the camera to the computer) and editing. Kino also has pre-configured export/rendering settings that guide you into creating your movie in various formats...mpg, mp4, or and burn it straight to a DVD to watch on your grandma's DVD player. Kino is a great tool and should be your first choice for most of your video needs.

If you are a power user, then you'll want to create cinematic quality videos to post to YouTube or share with your friends. For that, you need Cinelerra which you can find HERE.

Cinelerra is a high-powered, industrial strength video editor. You can't capture video from your camera with it...for that you'll need Kino. But you can create show quality movies complete with titles, fades, voice overs, video effects, slow motion, etc....really cool stuff! Cinelerra is complicated because it is full-featured and based on industry standards of how video editing is done. Fear not...there is a great tutorial that you can start with that will help you along. It is called, Cinelerra For Grandma and you can find it HERE.

Jump right in and enjoy.

I used Kino/Cinelerra to make a simple highlight video for my son's baseball team. You can see it here. I dubbed over all the sound with a music track using Cinelerra.

Thanks for reading.


Evan said...

I'm gonna disagree. Kdenlive is a much better video editor and is much more polished than cinelerra. It also captures video without the need for kino.

-J said...

Well, I'd have to disagree with you in return in that Kdenlive IS more polished but that doesn't make it better. I will admit that, for the casual user, Kdenlive is the best of the two and is, in its own right, an outstanding video editor. I think they are both great editors but I still give my vote to Cinelerra based on the overall power the program offers.