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Monday, June 7, 2010

Ubuntu Plus My Motorola Droid = Awesome

I'm now running Ubuntu 9.10 and just really love it. It is very smooth, easy to use, and most of the oddball quarks I complained about in previous releases have been taken care of. Such is life with computer software. I thought I had seen it all (not really but I need a segway)...then I got a Motorola Droid which runs on Linux!

One word...


So the phone is awesome all by itself but, in my opinion, being able to use sFTP to connect my phone to my home PC from anywhere in the world is even more Awesome-r. I can send files to and from my pc and phone. I'm in geek heaven. So, if you want to try this, here's what you'll need:

1. Home PC running Ubuntu and OpenSSH (the framework for secure ftp).
2. A Motorola Droid or any Android based phone.
3. Download the app from the Android Market called, "AndFTP".
4. Setup an account at and use it to establish a link to your home PC.
5. Connect and enjoy.

Now, I know that there is more to the setup than what I just described. If you need help, go search in the Ubuntu forums because there is a ton of information out there that describes the details of what I touched on. So, dive in and enjoy.

I certainly am.

Totally Geek.

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